FSO Institute


Focus On Proven Solutions From OpX Leadership Network



Providing access to broad professional development network; to regular updates on operational execution "best practices"; and to critical "lessons learned" from industry peers. 

Subscribers share information on each best practice

·         Experiential Roundtables:  Application case studies, key takeaways, lessons learned

·         KPI Surveys:  Key metrics to provide actionable data

·         Access to External Practioners:  Off line connections with peers



Coach for improved execution of proven solutions for high potential individuals and highly engaged work teams.  

Subscribers leverage subject matter expertise

·         Individual or Team:  Achieve full potential and results

·         Plants or Programs:  Initiatives imbedded into fabric of organization

·         Stakeholders:  Internal or external facilitation to accelerate adoption


Providing manufacturing-centric data generated by industry for industry that is current and actionable on topics like utilities, worker safety, sustainability, technical readiness and workforce engagement.  

Subscribers participate in confidential 3rd party database unique to manufacturing consumer products

·         Workforce Engagement:  Readiness to adopt new

·         Worker Safety:  Drive to Zero

·         Utilities:  Meaningful usage comparisons

·         Best Practice KPI’s:  Experiential Roundtable specific data

·         Just -in-Time Surveys:  Test concepts among all subscribers

·         B-2-B:  Facilitated benchmarking events among small groups